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Yogurt Island is self-serve frozen yogurt lounge. We provide you with a healthier alternative to ice cream that satisfies your sweet pleasures. Come to Yogurt Island you can create the best frozen yogurt experience you've ever had!! You create your own combination of delicious, You choose the flavor, You add the topping, You make it your way. We only use the freshest products that are delivered to us and prepared for you. Our topping bar is stocked fresh with the best ingredients for a light snack and a healthy dessert. We offer rotation of 35 flavors and up to 40 toppings. If you haven't experienced the self-serve frozen yogurt at Yogurt Island, You haven't experienced the best.

Why we are different

We prepare our fruit topping fresh quality everyday, All our flavor are taste delicious and healthy. The freshest and the best quality in both our frozen yogurt and toppings.